A lot of people consider job satisfaction more important than the pay package which they draw at then end of every month, whereas others contemplate only high pay checks. While Author admits that it is important to earn enough to make a living for an individual or for whole family because needs are attached. But in my opinion, job satisfaction is always more important than the size of the pay check.

First of Job satisfaction increases the productivity of any individual. If employee like his jobs or duty assigned to him, no one in the company or at work place has to force him to do the work, instead he is self-motivated to complete the task assigned to him. No supervision is required though. Employee will perform his duty well in time and on his own. Also he will work with utmost interest and concentration. This self-motivation to complete the task will the automatically improve the results. As a result, over all performance of the team as whole and of company will increase in no time.

Whereas, employee who choose a particular career, job or task just by looking at the paying capacity find it really tough in some time. They will always lack in staying motivated, instead they will look for some motivational course. For such people Monday mornings are boring because they really do not enjoy the work with wholeheartedly. Lack of motivation will lead to low level of interest in doing the work when assigned to them. Ultimately, their work will be full of errors most of the time. Also, they will take longer hours to finish tasks. As a result, only such people are found working late night at office. This way of working will eventually affect their health and family life. Let’s take the example of people who are working in the IT sector. Everyone these days wants to join the IT sector because the IT industry pays well in almost every department. But the work conditions are not employee friendly at all. These jobs are extremely demanding and stressful. Anyone who chooses to work in this industry just for the sake of good salary will eventually be under lot of stress and will be unable to cope with the work pressure.

Joining job of your interest will not be always high paying at the beginning. But over time, your dedication and interest can lead to better results which will make the job a lucrative career option for you. These days, most of the people are giving up the traditional approach of getting jobs, instead, there are lots of people who turned their hobbies into successful career options. It is true for both gender. They are earning more than they could ever think of in a job. It is because of their love for the job which ultimately helped them.

In a nut shell, I will say the job satisfaction is certainly more important than the package. If people love their jobs , they will never feel over burden. As a result both the employee and employer will grow.

Cheer 🙂

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