How to build a brand is the most searched keyword on google. Millions of results are available related to building a brand. On a single click it shows About 6,97,00,00,000 results (0.77 seconds) on google

Let’s find out what is brand.

Brand is something which any person creates out of his own imagination, creativity, or thinking. Also, some service, product or person which is loved by millions because of it’s uniqueness. Consumers are ready to pay whatever price is asked from them, when it comes to brand. Brand represents your business or you.

What is not a brand?

Some product or service, which already exists in the market and you are just giving it your name. Every second seller is doing the same process and considering it as a brand.

Do not get bewildered in this process. Brand is extremely different from what someone thinks of it. People are always confused when they start new ventures. They assume that merely by placing some products online on their own domains, make their name and fame, so as the brand. Hence, it will be their brand. Unluckily, it is completely false strategy. They are mere sellers of some ABC company.

I do not want to hurt the feelings of many but all the e-commerce platforms are just giant name of a small seller. What are they doing? Selling the product of others.

Building a brand is not a one night’s game. It will consume time, energy, money and creativity. You have to decide on what way you want to go now.

Do you want to keep monopoly of something with you or do you want to be part of a running stream?

Choice is yours!

In my view, Brand is a legacy which we leave behind us. Brand can be related to a person, product or service. But, it should be unique than others. Some people hustle 24*7 and do extremely hard work but ultimately for someone else’s product. As a result they are building their brand in totality. They will be known for the less in future. Indirectly they are contract employees of some XYZ organization.

To build a brand – Given are 5 steps to make a brand

  • Check the area of your interest. Select as many areas as you love. We need to filter from your interests.
  • Do the market research related to your interests or hobbies. You need to see if this particular idea has been executed or not. If No, go ahead, otherwise go to step number 1.
  • Select the unique brand name, tagline, color and themes.
  • Go for the product or service execution. Make the master plan for shipping or delivery of your services
  • Marketing extensively.


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