Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well being and resource for living a full life. Health is a state when body is free from any diseases or injury and mind is free from stress. Health is not only about the absence of diseases but it’s the ability to recover from diseases and other problems.

 It is well known to everyone health is very important. Without good health we wouldn’t be happily and living long. So for good health it is very important to maintain fitness. Fitness is the state of being physically fit and healthy. Being fit not only means physical health, but also refers to person’s emotional and mental state too. A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Fitness plays very important in our lives. People who are fit are less prone to medical conditions. Maintaining physical fitness can protect and develop the person’s breathing, heart function, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition and also reduce the risk of injury or heart issue.

Health and fitness for busy people fashionist women 2019
Health and fitness for busy people fashionist women 2019

Regular physical activity can produce long- term health benefits like:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Boosts your energy level
  • Provides you a positive attitude
  • Improve your immune system which protects you from getting ill
  • Helps you to manage depression or tension
  • Keep your weight under control
  • Improve your blood pressure
  • Keeps your cholesterol under control
  • Improve your blood circulation
  • Makes your bone and muscles strong
  • Improve self confidence

Mostly we all are familiar with this but we don’t have time for our health because everyone is busy in his/her professional life or working life. Staying active is one of the ways to keep your bodies healthy and it also improves your well being and quality of life. But staying healthy and keeping fit yourself can be uphill struggle when you are busy. With every busy day, the fitness and healthy become tough if you don’t know how to be healthy and fit. But understand that any physical activity is beneficial and counts as exercise makes it easier to find ways to build fitness. Obviously, everyone is racing with time; they don’t have time for the gym or for health classes. But don’t worry if you are not able to get time for health and you might try some physical activities in short bursts into your busy life. Every bit helps. Here are just few ways physical activity can help you feel better, look better and live better. Some shortcuts or tips for healthy life are

  1. Wake up earlier:

 Actually in some cases we are not making any time that’s the one reason we have no time. There is nothing more beneficial exercising in the morning. Wake up 20-30 minutes earlier as your usual time and use that time to get in a workout, perform exercise and also go for a walk. Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises. Choose any physical exercise that you really enjoy and do it every day. Physical exercise delivers oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body. It can help to improve your memory, reasoning ability and improve your mental fitness. It will also give your metabolism a boost and you feel great for the day ahead.

  • Take proper diet:

In the busy schedule, we eat randomly, not on proper time however it is healthy or not. When you are busy your diet can suffer. Our diet should be balanced. We should take proper diet. Never skip breakfast, no matter how busy you are! If you skip your breakfast it will decreases your productivity by making you tired and prone to stress. Make sure your diet includes nutrient-dense foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits. Ordinary, food that we take is also enough for health, if we take it in fresh and proper quantity. Too much eating is also bad for health. Make sure you always have a good stock of fresh food that deliver the maximum health benefits. Don’t stay on junk food like pizza, burger it is unhealthy and is not well digest.

  • Stay hydrated:

A balance diet also include drinks. Your body needs to stay hydrated to keep healthy. To stay hydrated water is an important part of good health whether you like the taste of it or not. By switching to water you will save lot of calories and feel better physically. Hydration is the first step to being healthy and feeling good. In office water cooler to make it easy for you to stay hydrated through out the day. Drink minimum 3 liters of water everyday. If you always have water nearby, you are much more likely to drink it. Avoid too much sugar and caffeine in your drinks and also avoid sodas and other unhealthy drinks it decreases your energy level and allow your body to detox and become stronger.

  • Take the stairs:

Find ways to exercise in your daily routine of work. You can take stairs instead of elevator. There are so many benefits of using stairs it helps you burn lot of calories. Taking the stairs is one of the best exercise you can do. It will also help you build muscle. You will burn more calories in minute by using stairs as compared to jogging. By using stairs it also prevent obesity and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

  • Do house chores:

Some of the best household tasks include physical activity, however minor gardening and cleaning can be more benefits. You can do laundry, scrub your dishes and even add some more work like sweep and mop the floor. Yes, you can make your household chores into a workout session. By this heart rate is sure to get a good life.

  • Make a phone call and work out in your office:
  • In office most of time we are busy to sending a text or emails. Instead of texting and emails, make a phone call. While you are on a phone call get up and walk around the office block while talking on the phone.
  • Exchange sitting tasks with standing tasks such as presentation or photocopying time.
  • Workout in the middle of your workday during lunch time is great for both your health and your productivity. If your job requires sitting on the desk for the whole day unoccupied yourself for a few minutes for workout. At lunch time instead of eating lunch at your desk, get up and walk outside for lunch. It is benefit for your health. Keeping dumbbells or do some other exercise at your desk like push-ups. This will also help you to burn some calories right at your desk.
  • Never say no to physical activities, Less can be more:

Never say no to physical activities, always be active. If you don’t have a single minutes to exercise then find ways to exercise in your daily routine of work. Like:

  • Park your car as far away from your destination and walk for your office. If you are worried about your time then take long steps to the store into a higher energy walk. Walk is the best thing for busy people to keep their bodies in motion. If you want to buy some things for home or do some shopping then instead of car. Walk to nearby stores. It keeps you active.
  • When you are standing in a line or waiting for your turn then it become boring experience. To avoid this experience do some exercise in the line balance on one foot for a few seconds then other. It actually a good opportunity to keeps you fit. Don’t worry about what anyone else think. Your life and your day is your own and you need to move your body.
  • Whenever you are travelling by train, bus or plane yoga is your best friend.
  • You can also try getting off the bus and train a few stops early and walking the rest of the way. In this way walking a short distance will help lower your chances of weight gain.
  • Get up every half hour and take a quick walk around the office and also stretch your body.
  • Organize to have standing and walking meetings instead of sitting down.
  • While watching Tv, do stretches, exercise and try to do 20 push-ups, jumping jacks .
  • Plan family activities that involve walking. Play with kids like hide and seek, cricket, footy games. Dance instead of other exercise.
  • Don’t eat and work:

When you are work on any assignment in your office and home, set your work aside and focus on your completely on your meal. After finishing your meal then go to work again. By this you will have a more pleasurable eating experience and you will also feeling refreshed when you will return your work.

  • Avoid the bad habits:

Avoid all the bad habits you have which are harmful to your health. If you are addicted to smoking or drinking then you will have to avoid them to remain fit and healthy. If you are addicted to sweets you also need to leave or limit it. Alcohol and sweets are high in calories, low in nutritional, it can make you tired. You also need to limit restaurant food. It’s one of the worst ways to add calories to your diet. Sweets can lead to diabetes and obesity.

  1.  Relieve stress:

Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. In your busy life stress you deal with everyday at work, at school, at home affects your health and your performances and day to day life. To reduce stress take up exercise, listen to music, laugh and also relieve stress through meditation. 15 minutes meditation is enough to get relief from stress. Meditation also decreases negative emotions and helps to create peace and affects your health in positive way. It helps you to make focus on everything.

  1.  Sleep well:

After taking your dinner and getting free from every work go for a night walk atleast 15 minutes. It helps make you feel relaxed and boosts your immune system and improve your health.

Getting regular sleep is another really important way to stay healthy. If you sleep on time it make you feel fresh whole day. You need to take a sleep of atleast 8 hours. It can be difficult in busy life but try to have atleast 8 hours sleep each night. By this you can feel energetic during the day and do all the works more energetic and proper way. It also keep your body fir and healthy.

If you take care of your health you will find more productive and have more energy through out the day. If you keep yourself healthy, you will avoid yourself visits to the doctors and preventing yourself from diseases or illeness. By taking care of yourself it helps in health benefits and also your business will to. Try to improve your health and fitness. Everything is possible if you are positive. Just think your health is much more important than everything. Try to follow the above tips. You will feel energetic and healthy day by day.

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