Today is the world of fashion. Fashion is something that is in trend. This refers to clothing, hairstyle, footwear and various accessories. People are very particular about staying in style and follow fashion trends. Various kind of fashion comes in trend around the world day by day. Fashion plays an important role in an individual’s   life it considered as a means of self-expression. Several factors contribute to the evaluation of fashion as a whole. Today, fashion does not necessarily means glamour or to urge to follow the current trends. It is a more way of life, a reflection of inner beauty. Fashion is spreading among the people in different ways.

The advertising media also contributes equally to update us about the daily style checks. Fashion trends keep changing and most fashion divas and models are the one to make them. Fashion is spreading among the people in different ways through advertising media, you-tube, social media and also blogs. There is an enormous and growing, number of fashion blogs and shopping related blogs. Now all forms of social media are allowing bloggers to really succeed in running their own business.

Fashion blog is one of them that growing the fashion among the peoples. Fashion blogs are the blogs that covers the fashion industry, clothing and lifestyle. It covers many things such as clothing accessories, beauty tips. Fashion blogs are the blogs where bloggers write content, about the fashion and it is the place where issues such new trends, fashion brands, designer’s work, celebrities, or personal style are presented for those passionate about the fashion industry. Many fashion blogs could also be categorized as shopping blogs.

Fashion blogs are running by fashion bloggers. A fashion blogger is someone who manages an online platform or write about fashion trends and tips in a blog. The bloggers write content related to fashion and often produced independently, post pictures of the blogger to show their outfits and lifestyle on a daily basis to a number of followers. They are kind of persons that dedicated their lives to their fashion blog. Their tasks will vary from day to day but they generally revolves around the three top level tasks

  • Writing blog articles
  • Writing emails to your audience
  • Creating their own products.

Types of fashion bloggers:

Fashion blogs may be written by insiders, outsiders and aspiring insiders.

  • Insiders: insiders are the people who work in a fashion industry and write occasionally as guest bloggers on largest sites.
  • Outsiders: Outsiders are the people who know a lot about fashion and have a strong opinions and being very dedicated consumers of fashion.
  • Aspiring insiders: Aspiring insiders are the people who want to work in a fashion industry or media and believe their blog may provide back door entry into a fashion writing job.

Fashion bloggers played a more significant role in fashion industry as the development of social media. They as representatives of fashion consumers, cannot only write about fashion, but can also participate by offering feedback and comments, enabling potential improvement of products designs. Fashion bloggers ideas move more quickly now through richer communication links and because of globalization fashion area is more accessible nowadays to everyone. Fashion bloggers often contain daily updates on new trends, shops, notes and photos from fashion. They can contain photos of themselves or ordinary people on the street they finding inspiring and sometimes videos on how to put on make-up and what products to use. They are filters of the vast amount of information existing on the web. They share their knowledge about the fashion with the people reading the blog.

Fashion bloggers employ a variety of platforms such as Instagram, designers post commercials, and video to emerge as the voice for different brands or fashion items, interpreting fashion their point of view. By sharing their ideas they make money through the blogs. Fashion bloggers promote sponsored content where brands pay them to promote products.

Now companies see digital bloggers starting to drive more sales than celebrities, brands are more campaigns for influencers into their marketing budget. This means that bloggers have much more to earn a profit through various different mediums.

Here some ways that a blogger make money:

  • Affiliate links: sites like shop style use affiliated links on blogs to link directly to products the bloggers is wearing and buying in photos and posts. By this bloggers get paid based on clicks or percentage of total sales made from posts.
  • Sponsored content: This is paid for by the brand through blog posts like Instagram , you-tube videos.
  • Collaborations: Bloggers often do collaborations with brands that have similar style aesthetic or audiences.
  • Marketing campaigns: Instead of giving a blogger something to create on their site, it’s done by the company’s marketing team and lives on the company’s site, is promoted by them but also shared on bloggers platform.
  • Classes: If bloggers have a niche, they can teach it to other through seminars, paid online classes. Classes to teach Instagram skills, projects and photography.
  • Photography and other creative services. –

In this way bloggers get affiliated with popular high-end brands to list out their outfits on their blog and earned good income. They also experiment with their styles a lot. In this way they gain more views make a mark as a influencer. By writing about fashion hacks, low cost styling etc. By this bloggers helps the audience to know about various lifestyles and fashion through their blogs. Hard work and quality content make their blogs successful by the traffics of the viewers.


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