Are you a businessman or a salesman, is very common question. Alas, no one wants to answer this and take this question. People hustle 24*7 to fill the emotional gaps. Why such attitude? Because, they want validations from their family, parents, colleagues, schoolmates, college mates et cetera.

People who hustle 24*7 and sell products of some ABC company are neither businessman nor the true entrepreneurs. But, they are just the salesman of that XYZ company. Try to figure it out the difference between the true meaning of entrepreneurship and being salesman.

Suppose, if you are working in a pyramid scheme, binary system, targeting brands, affiliate marketing, selling on facebook, instagram, youtube et cetera. You are the sales person of the ABC and XYZ company.

You do not own the company, your game ends if you do not able to make customers, sell the products. What do you want to be? A businessman or a salesman.

Answer lies to you. Ask yourself again and again. Do you want to leave behind a legacy? Do you want to leave something for your family, children or generations? Or you are just working to earn some money at the end of the day, week or month?

Try to make a distinction between the 24*7 hustle and hustle at right place. Check what services are you offering.

  • Does at the end of the you are accountable to anyone else?
  • Does the system is not automated?
  • Does your growth depends on some marketing plan of some XYZ company ?
  • Does your growth depends on some quality of products of some ABC company?
  • Do you work for a leader or a manager?
  • Did you replicate some system?
  • Did you copy or duplicate the content?
  • Does some company decide your percentage of bonus?

If the answer to all of your questions is YES. Then, you are not a true entrepreneur, my dear friend. Figure out what do you want to become.

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