I was accidentally introduced to Forever Living in January 2014. Prior to founding Fashionist Women – a global business group, I had worked hard in many Information technology and management firms for 5 years, making someone else a lot of money, but always being personally financially over-stretched.
I had the constant high-stress levels and lack of quality family time. Then, when a good friend took me along with her to Forever Living Office. To be very frank, I did not hear a single word in the first meeting because I was just accompanying my friend. After few months, I approached the team for someone else but they recruited me. Then I got to know about the remarkable company with equally remarkable products in the health and wellness sectors. I became intrigued and very excited with the potential, so got happily involved. Starting initially part-time, I began to learn, apply and then coach others on the simple business building process.

I attended hundreds of training at regional office and in some other training centers. Later on, I recruited many people from other countries.

It is a beautiful opportunity and everyone should take advantage of it.